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ChiroCongress Committees 2020
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 Committees, subcommittees & Task Forces

 November, 2019 - October, 2020
 2020 Committee Listing


Purpose:  To regularly review ChiroCongress Bylaws and Policies.  To make recommendations to Board of Directors and Membership on changes.  Members include:  
 Dr. Gerald Stevens (Chair) Dr. Dan Spencer
 Dr. Brenda Holland Dr. Don Cross
 Tiffany Stevens Elizabeth Klein
 Marc Abla 


Purpose:  To manage the nominations process for all available Board of Directors' positions.  Members include:  
 Dr. Don Cross (Chair) Dr. Dan Spencer
 Dr. Brenda Holland Dr. Thomas Wetzen
 Barbara Contessa Elizabeth Klein


Purpose:  Charged with the oversight of the Executive Director.  To work with the Executive Director to manage and resolve issues that come up between board meetings and report on these items to the full board.  The Executive Committee actions are subordinate to the Board of Directors.  Members include:  
President - Dr. Dan Spencer (Chair) Treasurer - Kristine Dowell
1st VP - Dr. Brenda Holland Secretary - Dr. Julie Bird
2nd VP - Dr. Thomas Wetzen Executive ED@Large - Barbara Contessa
Immediate Past President - Dr. Don Cross Executive Director - Elizabeth Klein
 Dr. Dan Spencer (Chair) Dr. Joe Baudille (NY-1)
 Dr. Brenda Holland Dr. Kreg Huffer (OH-2)
 Dr. Thomas Wetzen Dr. Glenn Jaffe (NC-3)
  Dr. Travis Oller (KS-4)
 Dr. Garry Baldwin (WA-5) 


Purpose:  Oversees the preparation of the annual budget and financial performance of the organization.  This committee is also responsible for overseeing fundraising and affiliate non-dues revenue relationships.  Members include:  
 Kristine Dowell (Chair) Dr. Dan Spencer
 Dr. Julie Bird Dr. Brian Stenzler
 Elizabeth Klein               


Purpose:  Responsible for validating all membership (associations, vendor, honorary, individual, etc.) delegates, voting and seating.  Members include:

 Dr. Julie Bird (Chair) Barbara Contessa
 Dr. Brenda Holland Marc Abla
 Dr. Rachel Wendt Dr. Brian Stenzler
 Elizabeth Klein  
 Purpose:  Develops and delivers events and education programs to members and may be tasked with evaluating program delivery. 
 Dr. Rachel Wendt (Chair)Dr. Dan Spencer
 Dr. Brenda HollandKristine Dowell 
 Barbara ContessaDr. Brian Stenzler
 Elizabeth Klein 

Subcommittee:  Student Education & Engagement 2020

Purpose:  Cultivate successful students to become active members of state associations.  Functions under Education & Events Committee.  Members include:  
 Dr. Brenda Holland (Chair)Dr. Julie Bird
 Dr. Gerald StevensAnne Fehr (MO-2) 
 Dr. Travis Oller (KS-4) Lisa Love-Smith (MI-2)
  Nicole Rathje (Palmer College, IA-2)
 Task Force:  2022 District 2 Convention Task Force
 All District 2 Executive Directors are invited to participate
 Marc Abla (Chair)  
 Task Force:  2023 District 4 Convention Task Force
 All District 4 Executive Directors are invited to participate
 Dr. Rachel Wendt (Chair) 


Purpose:  Identify and act as the coordinating team for programs or policy-making initiatives (i.e. Medicare) with partner and/or state/national associations.  Members include:  
 Kristine Dowell (Chair) Dr. Dan Spencer
 Dr. Don Cross Dr. Brenda Holland
 Dr. Thomas Wetzen Tiffany Stevens
 Dr. Rachel Wendt  Kelly Todd (IA-2)
 Elizabeth Klein 

Subcommittee:  Legal Issues

Purpose:  To monitor class action lawsuits and other legal cases that impact the chiropractic profession.  Functions under Public Policy Initiatives Committee.  Members include:  
 Tiffany Stevens (Chair) Dr. Gerald Stevens
 Dr. John LaMonica (NY-1))  


Purpose:  To participate in matters relating to guidelines, and to act in the best interest of ChiroCongress and the chiropractic profession.  Members include:  
 Dr. Thomas Wetzen (Chair) Dr. Thomas Augat (ME-1), Clinical Compass 
 Dr. Christopher Dolecki (MI-2), Clinical Compass Dr. RJ Crawford (TN-3), Clinical Compass
 Dr. Carson Muth (ND-4), Clinical Compass Dr. David Paris (CA-5), Clinical Compass
Dr. Brandon Steele (IL-2) Elizabeth Klein

Task Force:  G&R Strategic

 Purpose:  To identify strategies and tactics to increase awareness and understanding about guidelines and their impacts. Functions under Guidelines & Research Committee.  Members include:  
 Dr.Thomas Wetzen (Chair) Dr. Jay Greenstein (D.C.-1)
 Kristine Dowell Dr. Louis Crivelli (MD-1)
 Tiffany Stevens Lori Grassi (WA-5)
  Dr. Ray Foxworth (MS-3)


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