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COCSA Committees 2018
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 Members shall be the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President and ED Liason position.  This committee will meet quarterly in addition to the Mid-Year and Annual Convention.  This committee is able to act only when a quorum is present and its actions are subordinate to the Board of Directors.  They will be responsible for Day to Day decisions not requiring a Board vote.  President and ED will serve as ex-officio on all Committees.  
Dr. Don Cross Dr. Dan Spencer Dr. Brenda Holland
Dr. John LaMonica Dr. Kendall Payne Kris Dowell
Jeffrey Jenkins Elizabeth Klein  
 BUDGET/Finance Committee
 Members shall be the Treasurer, Secretary and one or more other members appointed by the President.  Responsible for preparing the yearly budget for approval by the Board of Directors.  Responsible for ensuring that the Congress remains solvent and within the budget parameters.
 Dr. Kendall Payne - Chair Dr. Dan Spencer Dr. Don Cross
 Kris Dowell  Jeffrey Jenkins  Elizabeth Klein
 education and events committee
 This committee will be appointed by the President and will consist of the Executive Director and President as well as appointed members.  This committee will be charged with developing lists of proposed speakers, topics, vendors, and sponsors in conjunction with other related committees.  They will also make recommendations to the Board of Directors on locations for upcoming conventions.  Locations will be reviewed and site inspected by the ED and contracts approved by the Board. 
 Kris Dowell - Chair  Dr. Don Cross  Dr. Kendall Payne
 Dr.Gerald Stevens  Jeffrey Jenkins  Elizabeth Klein
 Sheri Ryan  Lisa Love-Smith (MI)  
 BY-LAWS Committee
 Responsible for studying, analyzing and recommending to the Congress, any proposed changes in the Bylaws, whether initiated by this committee or according to Article VII, Section 1, A., B., and C., of the By-laws.  Responsible for recommending interpretation of Bylaws (Rules and Regulations) to the Board of Directors should questions or situations arise.
 Dr.Gerald Stevens - Chair Dr. Don Cross Dr. Kendall Payne
 Dr. Damian Palmer Dr. Thomas Wetzen Elizabeth Klein
 membership committee
 Responsible for validating all memberships, delegates, voting and seating.  The following process shall be used to determine an applicant's eligibility for membership:  To confirm an applicant's existence for two or more years, the organization must submit Articles of Incorporation or other legal documents, ie bank statements.  To confirm that an applicant holds regular elections at least every three years, the organization must submit its Bylaws.  To confirm an applicant's members pay annual dues, the organization must submit its Bylaws.  To confirm that an applicant has 100 members or 20% of that state's licensed doctors of Chiropractic, whichever is less, the organization must submit a membership list of in-state chiropractors.  This list will not be distributed outside of the COCSA office, but the membership number will be verified by COCSA staff and reported to the Committee.  
 Dr. Brenda Holland - Chair  Dr. Don Cross  Dr. Kendall Payne
 Dr. Damian Palmer  Dr. Jacob Holkup  Dr. Gerald Stevens
 Elizabeth Klein  Lisa Love-Smith (MI)  Molly Lopez (IA)
 Julie Connolly (VA)  Valerie Smith (GA)  
 development and endorsement committee
 Responsible for ensuring the continued success of programs that provide income to the Congress and in the case of affinity programs, the Member Associations.  Responsible for developing new ideas and projects to diversify Congress income.  Responsible for continued development of Congress member benefits.
 Dr. Brian Stenzler - Chair Dr. Don Cross Dr. Thomas Wetzen
 Dr. Damian Palmer Kris Dowell Jeffrey Jenkins
 Elizabeth Klein Sheri Ryan Roxy Cross (UT)
 GUIDELINES and research committee

  The President shall appoint a Committee to act in the best interest of the COCSA Board and the chiropractic profession in matters relating to guidelines.  

 Dr. Thomas Wetzen - Chair  Dr. Dan Spencer  Dr. Brenda Holland
 Dr. Kendall Payne  Dr. Jacob Holkup  Dr. Brian Stenzler
 Dr. Thomas Augat -CCGPP Dist 1  Dr. Scott Mooring - CCGPP Dist 2  Dr. RJ Crawford - CCGPP Dist 3
 Dr. William Doggett - CCGPP Dist 4  Dr. David Paris - CCGPP Dist 5  Dr. Joseph Morelli Jr. (HI)
 Kris Dowell  Elizabeth Klein  
 NOMINATING committee
 The President shall appoint a Committee which will consist of four Board members, one of whom shall be the immediate past president of COCSA as chair, one current Executive Committee member, one executive director member of the board and one DC member of the Board.  At least one member of the Nomination Commitee shall be reappointed to the following year's Nominating Committee to insure continuity unless all are no longer members of the board.  The Nominating Committee shall make recommendations to the President whenever a vacancy occurs.  The Nominating Committee shall circulate to the membership a call for nominations for all available positions and provide the membership with a minimum of 30 days to respond.  They shall submit to the board, not later than sixty (60) days prior to convention, a slate of candidates for the positions of President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, District Directors, At Large Director and CCGPP representatives as necessary.  Their report shall be circulated to the membership not less than thirty (30) days prior to convention.  Elections will be held during the business meeting at convention.  Candidates receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be elected.  In the case of a tie, balloting will take place a total of three times and if the tie cannot be broken, the result of the election will be decided by a vote of the executive committee.  If there is only one candidate for each position, the Secretary shall cast a unanimous ballot for the candidates put forth by the Nominating Committee.  
 Dr. John LaMonica - Chair  Dr. Don Cross  Dr. Dan Spencer
 Dr. Brenda Holland  Dr. Gerald Stevens  
  Responsible for the development of special communications in regards to legislative issues and concerns that impact the entire chiropractic profession.  Will engage with other stakeholders within the profession to promote consistent dissemination of critical issue information including providing tools and resources for the states to educate state and national policymakers about current, critical issues. 
  Dr. Dan Spencer - Chair  Dr. Don Cross  Dr. Brenda Holland
 Dr. Thomas Wetzen  Dr. Brian Stenzler  Kris Dowell
 Jeffrey Jenkins  Elizabeth Klein  Sheri Ryan
 Subcommittees/Task Forces:      
 Watchdog Task Force
 Watchdog Task Force - This task force is charged with providing tools and resources for the states to educate state and national policymakers about current, critical issues.    
 Dr. Dan Spencer  - Chair  Dr. Brenda Holland  Dr. Don Cross
 Dr. Art LeVine (FL)  Dr. John LaMonica  Kris Dowell
 Tiffany Stevens (TN)  John Murray (WI)  Nicholas Strata (OH)
 Elizabeth Klein
 CAC Reform Task Force
 Responsible for development of CAC representatives in all 50 states.  Will establish relationships with all current MACs and promote regular communications.  
 Dr. Brenda Holland - Chair  Dr. Don Cross  Dr. Damian Palmer
 Dr. Dan Spencer  Dr. Tom Wetzen  Dr. Jacob Holkup
 Branding Task Force
 Jeff Jenkins - Chair  Dr. Dan Spencer  Elizabeth Klein
 Sheri Ryan  Valerie Smith (GA)  Heather Wrenn (NC)
 Marc Abla (IL)  Dawn Benton (CA)  Alexis Lignos (F4CP)
 Dawn Galbraith (FLI)    
 Legal Issue Task Force
  Responsible for maintaining awareness of class action lawsuits and other legal cases that impact the chiropractic profession.  Will report to the Board on such actions and provide their opinion on any possible action that should be undertaken by the Congress on behalf of the profession.
  Dr. John LaMonica - Chair  Dr. Brenda Holland  Dr. Brian Stenzler
 Jeffrey Jenkins  Kris Dowell  


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